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About Us
Unbelievable Way To Increase Your Assets

Ritva is a financial investment platform established in Tallinn, Estonia, EU by forward thinking professionals in finance and the investment field (Forex, commodities, etc.).

Estonia is one of the fastest-growing economies with the lowest ratio of debt to GDP among EU countries, thanks in great part to the strong adoption and advocacy of digital technology, computer and network advancement. This country is home to the four tech-unicorns, and can rightfully and proudly claim itself as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe.

We are driven by an idea – Every investment should be handled with dedication and yielding high return.

  • Our two main fields of business include:
  • Attracting fund from individual investors.
  • Generating profit from the fund attracted via various corporations and investments.
Why Choose Us
For Success - Choose The Best

The process of working with Ritva is both transparent and profitable. With the group of experts spending years creating an innovative environment and developing exceptional promotions for maximizing client's turnovers. Choosing Ritva means you choose the following:

  • Hardwork
    Pays Off


    More than
    €200K + reward / account

  • Proficient Expert


    300 qualifying experts

  • Every Client


    More than
    85% clients reinvest

How We Work
Don’t Let Anything Slow You Down
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Fulfill Your Dreams Of Wealth

    An introducing broker (IB) acts as a middleman by matching an entity seeking access to markets (Forex, commodities, etc.) with a counterparty willing to execute the transaction.

    IBs commission is not based on the profits or losses of traders, but on managing trade execution for their clients.

    The more clients IBs have, the more trades they can arrange and earn commission from management process, thus gaining Ritva a high and steady return.

For Your Best Interests

Pay attention to this section, as here we show how we will use the fund. In addition, knowing how we'll use the funds will give you some insight into the company's strategy and plan for the future

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Making Every Cent Count

A.I Bot is an automated crypto trading bot built on the Artificial Intelligence system, i.e. it’s able to trade automatically and effectively without human interference. As you may already know, we use the API key to associate your account with our bot, removing the need of sending your capital to us which can be done by adding the API key and monitoring your account. Besides, the profit sharing will be only charged to you whenever your account is on profit, the profit sharing rate is 20%.


    € 1,000

    Period: 360 days

    Min profit: 50%

    Max capital: $10,000


    € 5,000

    Period: 360 days

    Min profit: 100%

    Max capital: $50,000


    € 10,000

    Period: 360 days

    Min profit: 150%

    Max capital: $100,000


    € 100,000

    Period: 360 days

    Min profit: 100%

    Max capital: $1,000,000

    The Right Way To Create A Bright Future
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