Welcome to RV-Chain

What is RV-Chain?

The distributed ledger technology has been widely hailed as the breakthrough technology. It has realised a significant number of application scenarios, and improved workflow of many domains. Nonetheless, there remain a few major concerns in adopting and deploying the distributed ledger technology at scale.

In our research, we tackle two of them, namely the throughput scalability and confidentiality protection for transactions. We learn from the existing body of research and build a scale-out blockchain platform that champions privacy called RV-Chain.

RV-Chain takes advantage of a trusted execution environment to offer confidentiality protection for transactions, and scale the throughput of the network in proportion with the number of network participants by supporting parallel shadow chains.


To create a great product, it involves the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.

In a nutshell, the RV-Chain roadmap is a strategic plan of Chain development, which has been divided into five phases, namely ALUS, KAAL, SALADUS, REKENDUS, and ELAGU. Each era concentrates on a set of functionalities that will be delivered across multiple code releases.

Although the phases of RV-Chain will be implemented consecutively, the work for each phase happens simultaneously, with research, prototyping, and development proceeding all at once across different development stages.

The work of each phase is clustered and introduced on its own page, demonstrating years in the making. An overview of the objectives of the phase will be presented. Furthermore, here you will find descriptions of the critical functional factors and links to associated academic research, status updates, and even real-time code commits.

RV-Chain Stages

The Ritva ecosystem is developed based on a holistic design. It is purposely built to encompass and enable a wide host of decentralised services, bridging the gap between what the world needs and what the current technology is offering at scale. The design, research and development of the Ritva ecosystem are a phased journey wherein the former serves as a bedrock for the latter.

ALUS - Foundation

Every great architecture needs a strong bedrock. The ALUS phase provides a firm ground upon which the Ritva ecosystem rests. The Ritva team conducts extensive research on various fronts, ranging from technology to economy to game theory. The goal is to assemble a carefully designed and incentive-compatible blueprint for Ritva. From a technical perspective, the Ritva team seeks a rigorously studied and peer-reviewed protocol design that solves the current state-of-affair issues. Besides, the token-economy needs great deliberation, so as to make the whole system incentive compatible in such a way that economically rational parties are willing to contribute to and partake in the ecosystem.

KAAL - Scalability

Once the bedrock has been established, the next step is to claim the height. Ritva strives to make not only its distributed ledger technology scalable, but also its operations and reach wide and diverse. The core DLT should be compatible with various application use cases. The network should be elastic and resilient. The barrier to entry to the system should be low. The capability should be enormous. The Ritva blockchain and its ecosystem shall attain scalability gradually, and solidly. The expansion needs to be timely, yet sustainable.

SALADUS - Confidentiality

As a popular comic proverb “with great power comes great responsibility” reads, a strong and far reaching structure needs to protect its inhabitant. In this information era, confidentiality and privacy are of utmost significance. It is thus necessary to have these protection builtin to both technical and operational aspects of the Ritva Ecosystem. Interestingly, this should be attained without decentralisation and transparency being traded away. Solving this dilemma is ambitious, but the result is long lasting and game changing.

REKENDUS - Mass Adoption

Once a perfect picture has already been painted, the next step is to put it on exhibition, and draw viewers to witness and enjoy its uniqueness. Likewise, a fully functional Ritva ecosystem should attract a large number of applications and use-cases to exploit its many great features. It is important to emphasize that this quest is not only beneficial to the Ritva foundation, but it is by and for the decentralised finance community.

ELAGU - Sustainability

At Ritva, we understand that the only way forward is upward, and the only way to survive and sustain is to evolve. Even after Ritva has attained mass adoption, it is necessary to keep the innovation continual, the improvement ceaseless, and the competence ever-lasting. The Ritva ecosystem shall adapt to the surrounding business and technical environments, and make continuous headway.